About NGSG

We Sell Safety

For over 20 years Next Generation Services Group has been tirelessly committed to safety as “the most important aspect in our industry”. The NGSG team is always meeting to discuss our industries current safety news, looking forward and exploring new means and methods to provide the most safe and efficient project possible. Our safety record speaks for itself with our Workmans Compensation EMR rating of less than 0.8 for the previous 11 years.

“No reputable client wants to hire unsafe companies because in the long run, safe, quality work trumps cheap practice every time”


A staple from the very beginning. We are always providing the most experienced level of workmanship our industry has to offer; which is the result of our veteran core group of field personnel and management positions alike.


Every project we undertake, from personnel to equipment, we are entirely committed from start to finish. With our belief in long term client relationships, we are committed to be your solution on every project we undertake.